iOS 15

Apple has disabled a feature critical to VIPS Mobile in the browser version of the application. This is only a problem when using iOS 15.

The Good News!

VIPS released an App Store version of VIPs Mobile around a year ago which is NOT affected. This App version has already been installed by many users, however there are still quite a few that are using the Safari browser Version.

You might be one of them since you got here :)

Search for VIPSMobile (one word) in the Apple App Store, or tap the button:

Install VIPSMobile

iOS 14 and below

How to enable Web SQL

VIPS needs you to make a change on your Apple Device:

  1. Open settings from the Home Screen
  2. Select Safari - Advanced -> Experimental Features
  3. Change the toggle for "Disable Web SQL" on the right at the bottom, it should be in the "off" position (grey with the white circle on the left)

I'm not using an Apple Device

VIPSMobile requires a database technology called Web SQL, it is available using the Chrome web browser on Windows 10 devices